在预先存在的T-8夹具中安装单端LED,每侧只有一个连接 -- electrical 领域 和 lighting 领域 和 light-fixture 领域 和 led 领域 和 fluorescent 领域 diy 相关 的问题

Installing single-ended LED in a pre-existing T-8 fixture with only one connection per side






t8镇流器接线图 检查它们确实只有每侧的电气连接。 在这种情况下,可以绕过镇流器的事情?删除整个夹具是一个选项(并且可能比查找兼容基础的乱性更少麻烦)。灯具中没有包括新的基础,由于夹具的形状,通用碱基也不会符合。


I have a set of new LED bulbs which want hot & neutral connection at just one end of each bulb.

The fixture in question however is wired differently than I expected. It has just one wire per end. The ballast diagram matches the fixture wiring:

T8 Ballast wiring diagram Examining the bases they indeed have just one electrical connection per side. What can be done to bypass the ballast in this situation? Trashing the entire fixture is an option (and may be less trouble than messing with finding compatible bases). No new bases were included with the lamps, nor would generic bases fit due to shape of the fixture.






几乎所有灯座都达到3-4个不同的兼容风格(绝大多数是一个**),所有这些都可以在网上找到。由于奇怪的灯座,我从来没有抛弃夹具。较短的灯座似乎更不可能。 得到一些非缩短的灯座。完成。

在未来,您可以通过确保购买从对端(无论如何更安全)的直接线LED"管" ,或者购买为镇流器类型制造的那些特定的插头N-Play LED(但是,你必须保持镇流器,不谢谢。)

**我只是大修了一个预防夹具。 4'夹具是防弹绘制的18个规格钢,并在没有镇流器的情况下称重10磅/ em>。灯座以奇怪的方式困住,但猜测是什么,它们是最常见的类型。我放了一个t8镇流器,我去了90cri真正的管,更好的光质。


Those sockets at the end of the fixture that the tube snaps into are called lampholders.

You are correct that fluorescent tubes have 2 pins on each end (a preheat filament is between them) and some ballasts do not use that feature. To avoid having to make a bunch of jumper wires, manufacturers use a shorting lampholder which internally shorts both pins. You are cursed with those.

Virtually all lampholders come down to 3-4 different compatible styles (overwhelmingly one**), all of which I've been able to find online. I've never had to abandon a fixture due to odd lampholders. That seems even less likely with a shorting lampholder. Get some non-shorting lampholders. Done.

In the future you avoid this problem either by making sure you are buying direct-wire LED "tubes" that feed from opposite ends (that's safer anyway) or buy those particular plug-n-play LEDs made for your ballast type (but then you have to maintain the ballast, no thanks.)

** I just overhauled a prewar fixture. The 4' fixture was bulletproof drawn 18 gauge steel and weighed 10 pounds without the ballast. The lampholders were trapped in a weird way, but guess what, they were the most common type. I put a T8 ballast in it, I go for the 90CRI real tubes, better light quality.








The LED lamps you bought do not require the ballast you have in your photo.

Remove the ballast.

You will need to change the pin holders (tombstones). The lamps I bought came with new ones. But if these didn't you will need to buy some.

Then take 120 volts, the black (hot) and the white (neutral) wire, directly to the power end of the LED lamp.

Good luck and be careful!



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