在当地发展时如何提高Drupal速度 -- 7 领域 drupal 相关 的问题

How to improve Drupal speed when developing in localhost




我正在寻找其他笨拙开发人员的秘诀,在开发时更快地制作Drupal(特别是Drupal 7)

考虑到在开发期间,您不希望缓存,因此您可以在代码PHP / CSS / JS中看到更改的结果。 (在这里看到一些答案来刷新缓存/禁用缓存永久性)

"Drupal慢localhost" 的googling将提供一些提示......但我想要你的:)


I'm looking for tips from other Drupal developers to make Drupal faster when developing (specially Drupal 7)

Taking in consideration that during development you don't want cache, so you can see the result of changes in code php/css/js. (See some answers here to flush cache / disable cache permanently)

Googling for "drupal slow localhost" will give some tips... but I want yours :)





这里的主要内容是使用 drush 要做清除缓存(即使是什么时候禁用页面缓存,仍有数十个涉及的不同高速缓存,例如挂钩实现),安装/重新安装模块等。

当然,应该安装APC,是的。甚至可以考虑使用 http://drupal.org/project/apc 存储部分缓存在APC中。然而,这将与疏浚冲突(您无法通过疏浚清除APC缓存),并且需要额外的RAM。

You can probably get further by changing how you work instead of making Drupal faster on page loads.

The main thing here is using Drush to do stuff like clearing the cache (Even when disabling the page cache, there is still dozens of different caches involved, for example for hook implementations), installing/re-installing modules and so on.

And of course, APC should be installed, yes. You could even think about using http://drupal.org/project/apc to store parts of the cache in APC. This will however conflict with drush (you can't clear the APC cache by using drush) and will require additionaly RAM.


您可以使用的最佳提示(这真的改变了我的生活)在 my.cnf 文件中添加了一行:

  innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0   

您可以在WAMP文件夹中找到此文件,或者如果您的Linux服务器: /etc/mysql/my.cnf



The best tip you can use (this really change my life) is adding a line in your my.cnf file:

innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0 

You can find this file in your wamp folder or if your on linux server: /etc/mysql/my.cnf



安装和启用APC。当我在Drupal 7中测试时,这将使您的本地网站更快。


Install and enable APC. As I tested in Drupal 7, this will make your local site faster.



加速页面加载localhost上的加载时间: http://drupal.org/node / 961012


I updated this Drupal Tutorial with some of the solutions I found:

Speed up page loading time on localhost: http://drupal.org/node/961012



有很好的教程: -

视频 - node.js setup-youtube

博客 - node.js drupal集成教程

drupal.org - node.js集成drupal.org



Setup and configure node.js module on localhost and see the magic.

There is nice tutorial on :-

Video - Node.js setup-Youtube.

Blog - node.js drupal integration tutorial

Drupal.org - Node.js integration Drupal.org

I have configured this on windows and it worked lightning fast :)


思考我会发布我的经验,这可能有助于未来的读者。我在Ubuntu 15.04桌面上挣扎了超过24个月的24个月,一个非常缓慢的笨蛋7.3x堆栈(我刚刚痛苦地困扰,刚刚继续!)。今天,我在安装MySQL工作台6.1时刺了一个刺伤,现在它是苍蝇!难以置信的!!我希望任何未来的读者都将首先考虑这一点,因为没有提供的建议真正解决了我的问题。我使用的机器是一个公平的体面规格(16G RAM / Dual Core / 2TB /双头等),所以购买/获得另一台电脑',我不相信是真正的答案。总而言之,如果您在桌面上运行drupal,请先尝试上面的工作台安装。迄今为止,我发现我需要在背景中运行工作台(或在另一个屏幕上),仍然我的整个Drupal经验现在完全改善了。 也许我今天刚幸运?无论如何,希望这有助于未来的读者。


Thought I'd post my experience which may help future readers. I struggled with for over 24 months with a really slow Drupal 7.3x stack on an Ubuntu 15.04 desktop (I just couldn't be bothered to with more pain and just carried on!). Today, I took a stab at installing MySQL Workbench 6.1 and it now flies by! Unbelievable!! I hope any future readers will consider this first as none the suggestions offered really solved my issues. The machine I use is a fair decent spec (16g RAM/dual core/2TB/Dual-head etc), so buying/getting 'another computer', I don't believe is the true answer. In all, if you are running Drupal on a desktop then try the above Workbench install first. To date, I've found I need to run Workbench in the background (or on another screen), still my whole Drupal experience has now improved immensely. Maybe I have just been luck today? Anyway, hope this helps future readers.


我不能给出最明确的原因,以及为什么,但我发现通过Linux虚拟机运行localhost webserver导致了更响应的Drupal安装。



I can't give a definitive reason as to why, but I've found that running a localhost webserver through a Linux virtual machine has resulted in a more responsive Drupal installation.

I can only speak for my own experience, though, so it might not necessarily be true for anybody else.



您不仅是运行apache / php / mysql,您还在运行GUI和IDE,可能是多个Web浏览器,Skype,iTunes所有这些都竞争资源。让你笨拙安装和整机慢。



Get a faster machine.

Not only are you running apache/php/mysql on it you are also running a GUI and a IDE, probably multiple web browsers, skype, itunes all of which compete for resources. Making you drupal install and your whole machine slow.

Alternatively, have a separate machine with the Drupal install on to help spread the load.



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