PCI兼容配方? -- commerce 领域 和 security 领域 drupal 相关 的问题

PCI compatible recipe?




我已经努力找到一个非常直的答案,在搜索se之后让我超级舒适, pci basics ,drupal.org, AWS资源,并读取 Drupal PCI合规白皮书。


我想肯定会使用与现场支付网关(authorize.net)使用Drupal Commerce创建PCI兼容环境。在我们的MOU中,它将取决于网站所有者最终在他们的业务流程写下并采取SAQ(推荐,因为他们应该有资格获得VISA / MasterCard等级),说他们是符合PCI的,但自从我建造网站我想确保他们没有任何麻烦。


    在PCI兼容的环境中托管(在这个例子中的AWS EC2)中托管)
  • 正确配置了防火墙
  • 在SSL
  • 上服务所有相关(但理想情况下)页面
  • 使用良好的密码,没有用户共享
  • 所有安全更新都是针对Drupal和模块提出的


我的第二个但相关问题是 - 使用rodupal商业与authorize.net(现场处理)意味着业务应该使用:

  • SAQ-A(卡号:载体:所有支付处理功能完全外包,无电子持卡人数据存储)

  • SAQ-EP(电子商务商家重新指导到第三方,符合第三方的PCI,用于支付处理,无电子持卡人数据存储)

我知道Drupal Commerce通过设计提供"无持卡人数据存储" ,但我对"所有支付处理功能完全外包" 和"商家重新指导第三方兼容服务之间的定义差异非常差异提供商处理'。



I've struggled to find a really straight answer that makes me super comfortable to this question after searching SE, PCI basics, drupal.org, AWS resources, and reading the Drupal PCI Compliance White Paper.

I think I am just looking for some confirmation or denial from folks who have set up eCommerce environments before. Perhaps this is because I am overthinking it (I really don't want to expose a small business to unnecessary liability), and perhaps because environments are all different so it's difficult to say.

I'd like to be sure to create a PCI compatible environment using Drupal Commerce with an onsite payment gateway (Authorize.net). In our MOU it will be up to the site owner to ultimately write down their business processes and take the SAQ (recommended, as they should qualify for level 4 from Visa/Mastercard) to say they are PCI compliant, but since I am building the site out I would like to make sure they don't have any trouble with that piece of it.

As long as we are...

  • Hosted in a PCI compliant environment (AWS EC2 in this example)
  • Have firewall properly configured
  • Serving all relevant (but ideally all) pages over SSL
  • Use good passwords, no users are shared
  • All security updates are made for Drupal and modules promptly

Is that a recipe for a PCI compatible environment? Have I forgotten any pieces?

My second but related question is - Does using Drupal Commerce with Authorize.net (onsite processing) mean the business should use:

  • SAQ-A (Card-not-present merchants: all payment processing functions fully outsourced, no electronic cardholder data storage)


  • SAQ-EP (E-commerce merchants re-directing to a third-party, PCI compliant service provider for payment processing, no electronic cardholder data storage)

I know Drupal Commerce provides the 'no cardholder data storage' by design, but i'm very unclear on the definition difference between 'all payment processing functions fully outsourced' and 'merchants re-directing to a third-party compliant service provider for processing'.

Thanks for your thoughts!




免责声明:请记住,我既不是律师也不是PCI QSA。

在做更多的研究之后 - 我相信,使用rodupal商务与授权in.net的目标(这是商务kickstart配置文件附带的授权模块使用的方法)应该直接降落到在几乎所有情况下的saq-d (请勿通过,不要收取200美元)。



使用authorize.net减少CDE的范围,需要与SIM(异地表单生成)集成到使用 saq-a ,或dpm(direct post)使用 saq-ep 。这假设您可以对整个资格列表说是的,即,只在线付款,没有POS等。后者选项提供更多自定义,但更加工作。


看起来像较小的预算客户端应该在PCI(始终)上简要介绍,并计划使用授权网络SIM或PayPal WPS等非现场方法,其中表单由CC处理组织的服务器生成,而且从未触及您的环境。以这种方式,您的环境应该与正确配置超出范围。


这里是另一个(1岁)白皮书阐述了a PCI符合AWS的框架一般。这些部分中的一些不适用于一个笨拙的商业服务器,但仍然有趣和良好。



Disclaimer: Keep in mind I am neither a lawyer nor a PCI QSA.

After doing more research - I'm convinced that using Drupal Commerce with authorize.net AIM (which is the method used by the authorize module that comes with the commerce kickstart profile) should land you directly into SAQ-D in almost all cases (do not pass go, do not collect $200).

This means you need all the things above plus much more management and policy on your end (or your clients end). It wouldn't be feasible for a small company without a huge budget for a custom project.

Here is the best/most robust explanation i've found of which SAQ to use in one place.

To reduce the scope of the CDE using Authorize.net, one would need to integrate with SIM (offsite form generation) to use SAQ-A, or DPM (direct post) to use SAQ-EP. This assumes you can say yes to the entire list of qualifications i.e. only take payment online, no POS etc. The latter option offers more customization but is more work.

This module looks like it will allow you to do so with Drupal Commerce, but I have done no testing or verification.

Looks like smaller budget clients should be briefed on PCI (always) and plan to use the off-site methods such as Authorize.net SIM or Paypal WPS where the form is generated by the CC processing organization's servers, and never touches your environment. This way your environment should be out of scope with proper configuration.

Here is a (albeit pretty old) thread from authorize.net development forum that has some general and scalable config insights I found very useful.

Here is another (1 year old) white paper that sets forth a framework for PCI compliance on AWS in general. Some of these pieces are not applicable to just a Drupal Commerce server, but still interesting and good.

Any more thoughts still welcome.



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