如何模糊我使用的网站? -- hooks 领域 drupal 相关 的问题

How can I obscure what I am using to run my site?





如果无法完全隐藏网站使用drupal的事实,它至少可以混淆它们(例如,通过将节点页面与URL相加,如 99887660 )?< / p>


Is there anything I can do to prevent somebody from knowing my site is using Drupal by looking at the source code of the front page? I am referring to people who scan sites using software that detects the software used to run the website to be able to attack it using any known weak point.

If it is not possible to completely hide the fact that the site is using Drupal, is it at least possible to confuse them (e.g., by aliasing the node pages with URLs like http://example.com/servlets/<node-id>.jsp)?





  • 拆下Drupal 7
  • 的元发电机
  • 删除像changelog.txt
  • 这样的tell-tale-text
  • 检查expires header
  • HTTP 200/404/403状态代码的步行目录
  • 查找默认短信 - 调整所有面向用户的消息
  • 查看HTML - 来自核心的默认HTML,模块是一个Telltale Sign



This is an old and already answered question, but I recently put some effort into writing up a description of all the things you would need to change:

  • Remove the meta generator for Drupal 7
  • Remove tell-tale-text like CHANGELOG.txt
  • Check the Expires header
  • Walking directories for HTTP 200/404/403 status codes
  • Look for default text messages - tweak all user-facing messages
  • Look at the HTML - default html from core and modules is a telltale sign

Basically: it might technically be possible to hide the fact that your site runs Drupal, but you would spend so much time on it that it's not worth it. You should instead focus on making it secure and on secure operations (e.g. the ability to deploy updates quickly, monitoring logs, etc.).


你无法完全隐藏它。大多数需要做什么,需要黑客核心。最大的说明是 function mymodule_preprocess_page(&vars) { var_dump($vars); //output: nothings that reference the views! if($_GET['q'] == 'my/view/path') { drupal_add_js([...]); drupal_add_css([...]); } } 1 javascript变量,它可以从前页或任何页面读取。



You can't hide it completely. Most of what's needed to do it, would require hacking core. The biggest tell, is the Drupal JavaScript variable which is readable from the front page, or any page for that matter.

If you want to improve your sites security by hiding that it's a Drupal site, your effort is better spent on code reviews than it is on trying to hide the fact that the site is made with Drupal.



  • 使用反向代理或自定义HTTP守护程序以过滤令人讨厌的Drupal HTTP标头
  • 拒绝对任何Drupal默认文件夹的HTTP访问
  • 使用PHP输出缓冲来重写并模糊您的HTML源,删除不必要的数据
  • 使用URL别名或custom_url_rewrite_in / Outbound来使您的URL是一个混乱
  • 更改默认404错误,删除/更改update.php
  • 如果有人发现,请制定任何其他改变

并持续但不是最不重要的,确保您的网站非常简单,不需要正常行为的JS或CSS(不使用视图或CTools ......),不支持用户身份验证等您的网站应该像静态HTML网站一样简单。



It's too easy to do, kiam!

  • Use a reverse proxy or customize your http daemon to filter the annoying Drupal http header
  • Deny http access to any Drupal default folders
  • Use PHP output buffering to rewrite and obscure your HTML source, remove unnecessary data
  • Use url alias or custom_url_rewrite_in/outbound to make your URLs a mess
  • Change the default 404 error, remove/change update.php
  • Make any other changes if someone finds out

And last but not least, make sure that your site is so simple that does not require JS or CSS for normal behaviors (don't use Views or Ctools...), does not support user authentication, etc. that means your site should be as simple as a static html site.

Ok, all that to make people believe that your site does not run Drupal. Anyway, security by obscurity is useless.





  • 自动攻击(到目前为止 最常见的攻击)甚至以前甚至没有检查服务器 尝试他们的利用
    检查任何原木的日志 高调的网站将显示成千上万的无果子的要求 /AspBB/db/betaboard.mdb _private/cmd.asp /scripts/../../winnt/system32/cmd.exe /wp-login/ /administrator/components/com_wmtgallery/admin.wmtgal /cgi-bin/ip.cgi ......以及任意数量的尝试 任何无关系统的历史利用。
    攻击 即使您的操作系统上不存在漏洞,也会发生漏洞 CMS。无论您如何执行错误识别您的网站 无论如何都被业余黑客忽略了。
  • 无论你为什么 认为你可以隐藏,有其他系统的线索
    只需删除包含'drupal'的所有字符串都没有 伪装您的网站到任何合理的窥探器。有几十种方式 这可以用来猜测什么是您的页面,甚至专用 告诉Service是运行Drupal的网站。只是关键词 认识并思考是一种威胁是一个次要的子集 真正的指标。
    询问index.php /?q =用户。然后尝试 禁用该响应而不扼杀您的网站。
  • 通过默默无本的安全性没有安全。它给了一个 当你只隐藏时,"安全" 是"安全" 的虚假印象 烟幕背后的漏洞,任何提出任何攻击者 真正的威胁将能够看到。
  • 虽然不是 完全不可能将代码破解到大多数的点 Drupal的痕迹是隐藏的HTML源,(它是开源的 毕竟)所需的步骤必须突破核心 严重你的代码的黑客分支是不兼容的 使用真实安全更新您无法修补 并真正向识别的任何真正的未来威胁开放 安全团队。这是系统漏洞的真正路由。
  • 最重要或有用的模块有自己的代码'签名' 这很难隐藏,没有重写。如果您正在使用 "观点" ,'cck','广告','imageCache','jQuery',CSS-aggregation, 贡献的主题或任何有用的网站 - 有人可以 告诉。隐藏完全通常需要总计 至少转换主题功能 - 至少。即便如此,obsucation 可能不会工作
  • 删除识别 许多高级功能,甚至可以轻松安装可能使用的Google Analytics Drupal图书馆工作,您必须削减那些 完全包括,或以不采取的方式重写它们 Drupal基础设施的优势。有时这是可能的, 但在所有情况下,它都是反效率的。


记住从hack core


There is an official article and discussion regarding the same.

You can't. Do not try

  • Automated attacks (by far the most common attacks) do not even inspect the server before trying their exploits.
    Inspecting the logs of any high-profile site will show thousands of fruitless requests for /AspBB/db/betaboard.mdb _private/cmd.asp /scripts/../../winnt/system32/cmd.exe /wp-login/ /administrator/components/com_wmtgallery/admin.wmtgal, /cgi-bin/ip.cgi ... and any number of attempts at historical exploits on any unrelated system.
    Attacks on exploits happen even if the exploits do not exist on your OS or CMS. Whatever you do to mis-identify your site will be ignored anyway by amateur hackers.
  • Whatever you think you can hide, there are other clues for any system.
    Simply removing the some of all strings that contain 'drupal' does not disguise your site to any reasonable snooper. There are dozens of ways that can be used to guess what is serving your pages, even dedicated services to tell Is that site running Drupal. Just the keywords that you recognize and think are a threat are a minor subset of the real indicators.
    Ask for index.php/?q=user . Then try to disable that response without crippling your site.
  • Security by obscurity is no security. It gives a false impression of being 'safe' when you are only hiding vulnerabilities behind a smokescreen that any attacker that posed any real threat would be able to see through.
  • Although it's not entirely impossible to hack the code to the point where most traces of Drupal are hidden from the HTML source, (It's Open source after all) the steps required to do so would necessarily break core so badly that your hacked branch of the code would be incompatible with the real security updates that you could not patch and would genuinely be open to any real future threats identified by the security team. This is a true route to system vulnerability.
  • Most significant or useful modules have their own code 'signature' that is hard to hide without significant rewrites. If you are using 'views', 'cck', 'ad', 'imagecache', 'jquery', css-aggregation, contributed themes or anything useful on your site - someone can tell. Hiding that entirely would usually require a total conversion of the theme functions - at least. Even then, obsfucation probably won't work.
  • To remove identification of many of the advanced features, like even the easy install of Google Analytics that may use Drupal Libraries to work, you must necessarily either forgo those features altogether, or rewrite them in a way that does not take advantage of the Drupal infrastructure. Sometimes this is possible, but in all cases it is counter-productive.

You may be interested in reading Securing your site too.

Remember Never hack core


隐藏您的网站运行drupal没有任何意义。这是看开发网站的错误方式。你应该关注的是安全。确保您实施所有证券措施,一切都会好起来的。世界上没有一个原因隐藏您正在使用某个CMS或其他软件。使用像Wappalyzer这样的FF Addons,如果网站使用Drupal,则可以在即时判断,因此问题非常实际上。


There is no point in hiding that your site runs Drupal. It is the wrong way to look at developing websites. What you should be focusing on is security. Make sure you implement all securities measures and everything will be fine. There is not one reason in the world to hide that you are using a certain cms or other piece of software. With FF addons like Wappalyzer, you can tell in an instant if a site uses Drupal, so the question is pretty moot.



文件别名模块允许您为上传文件使用令牌可自定义的别名,为您提供能力保留您的文件系统根据通常组织,同时提供干净的观察路径(即,不再/站点/默认/文件/).< / p>


An extra thing you may do is using also the File Aliases module to change the default file structure.

The File Aliases module allows you to use token customisable aliases for your uploaded files, giving you the ability to keep your file system organised as per usual while providing clean looking paths (i.e., no more /sites/default/files/).




I agree with other people that you can't hide it entirely. If you look at the HTML source, you will notice that many times CSS and JavaScript files haven't been aggregated. CSS and JavaScript aggregation should be enabled.


在过去我已经交换了我的字体,因为典型的Rucida Sans等典型的Ruby项目字体,也越来越多的输入大小,就像所有的臀部孩子一样。

另一个放弃是自动完成领域的"Throbber" 图形。当您提高输入大小时,它也不工作。这是一个你可以偷窃: http://beta.seattlebedandebreakfast.com/misc/throbber.gif


In that past I've swapped my fonts for the typical Ruby project fonts like Lucida Sans, also increasing input sizes like all the hip kids do.

Another give away is the "throbber" graphic for autocomplete fields. It also doesn't work when you increase the input size. Here's one you can steal: http://beta.seattlebedandbreakfast.com/misc/throbber.gif



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