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Drupal 6 end of life




是有文件的日期,或者对Drupal 6的生活结束的日期? 换句话说,官方发展何时在Drupal 6上停止?


Is there a documented date, or a believed date for the end of life of Drupal 6? In other words, when will official development stop on Drupal 6?





在任何给定的时间,支持两个主要释放系列Drupal。目前,这些是Drupal 6和Drupal 7。

基本上,摩托车6的官方支持将停止,当Drupal 8正式发布时。

可以在上找到进一步的讨论,这么长的drupal 5.x(生活结束公告)


I think the advice from Choosing a Drupal version is probably the best to follow:

At any given time, there are two major release series of Drupal which are supported. Currently, these are Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

Essentially, official support for Drupal 6 will stop when Drupal 8 is officially released.

You can find further discussion on the So long, Drupal 5.x (End of Life Announcement)


虽然上面的官方答案是正确的,你需要看看大局。 Drupal 6有很小的核心工作,因为在没有广泛的测试框架的情况下修复错误(甚至是那个,D7错误修正舍彻底地走了Haywire)。意见基本上是生命支持。显然,遵循了很少的兴奋。当天只有这么多小时,对于很多人来说,在Drupal 7上花了最好的人(在观点的情况下,Drupal 8偶数)。

因此,虽然可能是不可能收集一些大型Drupal 6站点并将D6的支持延长为商业企业(我们认为这是德鲁珀5),但这是这样的事情的问题您需要维护所有:核心和贡献模块,包括四年前嬉戏的模块,没有维护者。你得到了照片。

前安全团队领先(少数人实际上可以拉这一点)在 http://groups.drupal.org/node/291243#comment-907858 。编辑:这个不会发生这个。其他,当然的未知实体可能仍然将其拉出,但我有严重的疑虑。


While the official answers above are correct you need to look at the big picture. There is extremely little core work going on with Drupal 6 as it is tough to fix bugs without the extensive testing framework in place (and even with that, D7 bugfixes occassionally go haywire). Views is essentially on life support too. Obviously, quite a few contrib followed. There are only so many hours in the day and for a lot of people it's better spent on Drupal 7 (in the case of Views, Drupal 8 even).

So while it would not be impossible perhaps to gather a few large Drupal 6 sites and extend the support of D6 perhaps as a commercial venture (we considered this even for Drupal 5), but the problem for such a thing would be that you need to maintain everything: core and contributed modules, including the modules that were crappy four years ago and are without a maintainer. You get the picture.

The former security team lead (one of the very few who could actually pull this off) hints at such a commercial venture being planned at http://groups.drupal.org/node/291243#comment-907858. Edit: this one won't happen. Other, unknown entities of course might still pull it off but I have serious doubts.


当Drupal 8将有第一个官方版本不是Alpha发布,Beta发行版或候选版本时,它停止。当它发生的确切日期是未知的,但在它发生的那一刻,Drupal 6将不再支持。

这正是Drupal 5发生的内容:当释放第一次官方释放Drupal 7(不包括Alpha,Beta和释放候选人)时,Drupal 5停止支持。因此,一般而言,您可以说Drupal X + 2正式发布时,可以支持滴水X停止。


It stops to be supported when Drupal 8 will have its first official release that is not an alpha release, a beta release, or a candidate release. The exact date of when that will happen is not known, but in the moment it happens, Drupal 6 will not be anymore supported.

This is exactly what happened with Drupal 5: When the first official release of Drupal 7 (excluding alpha, beta, and release candidates) was released, Drupal 5 stopped to be supported. So, in general, you can say Drupal X stops to be supported when Drupal X+2 is officially released.


Drupal 6达到了生命结束(EOL) 2016年2月24日在Drupal 8出来后3个月。请参阅: drupal 6生命结束公告

社区的通常政策是它只支持当前和以前的稳定版本(主要是防止维护人员支持超过2个主动主要版本),因此当Drupal 6出来时,Drupal 4.7.x被标记为不受支持,当Drupal 7出来时,发生了同样的事情,Drupal 5.x变得不受支持。然而,这一政策已经受到质疑,并且在释放Drupal 8发布后,该决定结束了3个月的生命(参见: Drupal 6扩展支持公告)。这是为迁移提供额外的时间,并为升级过程和修补程序提供支持,因此用户可以升级到Drupal 7或 Drupal 8 在Drupal 8发布日期和3个月之间的任何时间。或者,找到一些将为Drupal 6提供扩展支持的组织6.请参阅: drupal 6长期支持 < / p>


Drupal 6 reached its end of life (EOL) on 24th February 2016 which is 3 months after Drupal 8 came out. See: Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement

The usual policy of the community is that it support only the current and previous stable versions (mainly to prevent maintainers to support more than 2 active major versions), so when Drupal 6 was out, Drupal 4.7.x was marked as unsupported, the same happened when Drupal 7 came out, Drupal 5.x become unsupported. However this policy has been questioned and the decision was made to end its life 3 months after Drupal 8 is released (See: Drupal 6 extended support announcement). This is to give extra time for the migration and provide support for upgrade processes and patches, so users could upgrade either to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 anytime between Drupal 8 release date and 3 months after. Alternatively find some organization which will provide extended support for Drupal 6. See: Drupal 6 Long Term Support



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