从dev - >阶段 - >生产中迁移(CMI)配置的建议工作流程是什么? -- migration 领域 和 8 领域 和 version-control 领域 drupal 相关 的问题

What is the suggested workflow for migrating (CMI) configuration from dev -> stage -> production?





我们在房间里最好弄清楚(部分基于Drupalcon Portland的演示)是:

  • 告诉版本控件忽略Active Config目录。
  • 将所有配置复制到暂存目录并提交版本控件。

并使用settings.php在2个环境之间反向活动/暂存目录。但是,在弄清楚从一个服务器到下一个服务器的部署工作流程复杂但可行的,而可行的,多个本地环境(即多个开发人员)的建议工作流程是什么进入DEV(或彼此之间) - 可能的问题是每个团队成员将分享相同或类似的环境,因此一个队友的机器的更改如何过来?


We had a drupalcamp a few months back and someone asked about managing deployments with the new config (CMI) system. One possible ideal workflow would involve keeping the config in version control and still being able to migrate configuration between team members.

The best that we in the room were able to figure out (partially based on the presentation at DrupalCon Portland) was:

  • Tell version control to ignore active config directory.
  • Copy all Configuration over to staging directory and commit to version control.

And use settings.php to reverse active/staging directory between the 2 environments. However, while figuring out a deployment workflow from one server to the next was complex but doable, what is the suggested workflow from multiple local environments (ie multiple developers) into dev (or between each other) - A possible issue would be every team member would be sharing the same or similar environment so how do changes on one teammate's machine come over?







  • 已提到,有活动和暂存目录。 Active由Drupal完全管理,不支持直接在那里进行更改(通过切换到不同位置的直接或间接)。
  • 暂存是Drupal寻找配置进口和否则不关心它。
  • 导入过程很重要,配置更改可以以某种方式影响一个站点,并且需要检查有效性。例如,您无法将文本字段的字段类型更改为实体引用,例如,它只是不起作用。
  • 配置导入始终需要在所有配置上运行,无法导入单视图或节点类型。它被尝试,但试图应对依赖关系,删除/重命名,因此导致了一个非常复杂的系统,它不起作用。
  • 重新安装默认配置的唯一方法是重新安装该模块。这意味着它将首先尝试删除所有配置(如字段)。所以这不是一个选择。手动,更新功能的具体变化是可能的,但我认为这是太乏味。
  • 在功能模块描述时,它将重点关注提供可重用的功能,而不是连续部署配置。这是它首先设计的。

鉴于此,现在的建议是将暂存目录放入版本控制。然后,每个开发人员都完全控制了他在那里的情况下,通过复制整个Active Directory,或只是特定的配置文件。然后提交暂存目录更改,推送到生产,运行配置导入(在UI或疏浚中)。


After talking a bit with CMI maintainers, the discussion on what's the best approach isn't finished but the following is what makes the most sense at the moment.

Trying to keep it terse for now, will try to expand based on questions/when the referenced issue is resolved with an official answer.

So, first, the facts...

  • As already mentioned, there's the active and staging directory. Active is fully managed by Drupal, making changes directly in there (direct or indirect by switching to a different location) is not supported.
  • Staging is where Drupal looks for configuration to import and doe otherwise not care about it.
  • The import process is important, configuration changes can affect a site in a certain way and needs to be checked for validity. You can't change the field type of a text field to an entity reference, for example, that just doesn't work.
  • The config import always needs to run on all configuration, you can't import a single view or node type. It was tried, but trying to cope with dependencies, removes/renames and so on resulted in an very complicated system and it didn't work.
  • The only way to re-install default configuration, is to re-install that module. Which means that it would first try to remove all configuration (like fields). So that's not really an option. Manual, specific changes in update functions are possible but too tedious for this I think.
  • As the features module describes, it will be focused on providing re-usable functionality, not continuous deployments of configuration. This is what it was designed for in the first place.

Given that, the recommendation right now is to put the staging directory into version control. Each developer has then full control over what he puts there, either by copying the whole active directory over, or just a specific configuration file. The staging directory changes are then committed, pushed to production and the configuration import is run (in the UI or with drush).


我们最近开始了一个Drupal 8项目,并实施了以下工作流程。


我们目前的Drupal 8项目模板可在GitHub上获得。我还写了一些方便的Drush命令来加快Devleoper Worflow。无需手动复制到所需导出。

  • 项目模板: https://github.com/webflo/d8-project-templateuptuptuptut
  • 额外的drush命令: https: //github.com/webflo/d8-project-template/blob/master/public/drush/cmi.drush.inc

Great answered so far. Thanks you all!

We started a Drupal 8 project recently and implemented the following workflow.

We have three folders active, staging and export. Developers dump their to export. I donxc2xb4t want to keep it in stageing. I thinks its easier to work with when the shared configuration is not directly stored in the staging folder. Itxc2xb4s just a felling i have no hard facts on this ...

Our current drupal 8 project template is available on github. I also wrote some handy drush commands to speed up the devleoper worflow. No manual copying from active to export required.

  • Project template: https://github.com/webflo/d8-project-template
  • Additional Drush commands: https://github.com/webflo/d8-project-template/blob/master/public/drush/cmi.drush.inc

我还没有尝试过,但我的计划是创建一个自定义模块,其中包含仅包含我关心的配置的"默认" 配置文件。我认为其他模块可以包含覆盖其他模块的配置。 (如果不是这应该是可能的)。




  1. git pull或其他什么可以获得新文件。
  2. 清除缓存。
  3. 重置默认配置。 (来自您的自定义模块的文件)



I haven't tried this yet, but my plan is to create a custom module that contains "default" config files containing only the configuration I care about. I believe other modules can contain configs that override other modules. (If not this should be made possible).

I think you must leave the config folder alone. Ignore it. It is auto generated on install from all of the individual modules' configuration files. The path is long and random. If you kept all of that in a repo, you would need a separate repo and you would be carrying along with it tons of default, unneeded config files.

Putting config in a custom module makes it a part of you main codebase.

The deploy process would be:

  1. Git pull or whatever to get new files.
  2. Clear caches.
  3. Reset default config. (From your custom module's files)

You can create custom modules (with it's own config) for each environment if you want.


注意: 我很欣赏,这不是关于问题的最严格的答案,但无论如何我把它放在这里我会重新审视和编辑/删除一次,功能有8.x释放,灰尘已经解决了更多。这对评论来说太大了,我想得到我的0.02英镑: - )




3.x版本的功能计划用于Drupal 8,与新的配置管理系统集成。如果您只需导出 简单的站点配置,D8配置管理系统 应该使用而不是特征。您将在D8中使用功能 导出捆绑功能(如"照片库功能" )。

I 有点的方式,看看它是这个想法使DEV 团队更容易工作,以便在网站的较小部分上工作。我不打算进入工作流程,但由于仍有太多未知的变量,但我看不到它与当前功能部署过程有很多不同。



Note: I appreciate that this isn't an answer in the strictest sense in relation to the question, but I've put it here anyway and I'll revisit and edit/delete once Features has an 8.x release and the dust has settled a bit more. This was just too big for a comment and I wanted to get my xc2xa30.02 in :-)

As a massive fan of Features, I'd suggest keeping an eye on the Features module's D8 incarnation.

Taken from the project page

3.x version of Features is planned for Drupal 8 to integrate with the new configuration management system. If you simply need to export simple site configuration, the D8 configuration management system should be used instead of Features. You will use Features in D8 to export bundled functionality (like a "photo gallery feature").

The way I kinda see it is that this idea makes it easier for dev teams to work on smaller parts of a site. I'm not going to go into a workflow yet though as there are still too many unknown variables, but I can't see it being THAT much different from a current Features deployment procedure.

I can't help but think yes, CMI is awesome; but most of my sites will still end up with Features modules (albeit a smaller amount due to not having to export EVERY content type, permission etc)



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