创建关系n:n并为每个关系指定属性 -- 7 领域 drupal 相关 的问题

Create relation N:N and specify properties for each relation




我有两个内容类型:"汽车" 和"选项" 。 我的车可以有不同的选择,因此我可以将选项与参考模块相关联到汽车。但我的问题是我想指定每辆车/每种关系的选项的价格。


  Seat    - Airbag - 100 €   Citroen - Airbag - 88 €   

关系不仅是节点引用,它具有"元达托" 。

目前,我计划开发自己的模块,也许"关系" 模块将是解决方案,但我尝试过它没有成功。



I have two content types: "Car" and "Options". My cars can have different options, so I could associate options to a car with References Module. But my problem is I'd like to specify the price of the option for each car/each relation.


Seat    - Airbag - 100 xe2x82xac   Citroen - Airbag - 88 xe2x82xac 

The relation is not only a node reference, it has "metadatas".

For the moment, I plan to develop my own module, maybe "Relations" module will be the solution, but I tried it with no success.

How can I solve this problem?




如果存在现有的controw模块,那将是关系。它适用于实体的水平。它应该提供可用于您描述的内容的通用API /框架。

如果关系不适合您的需求或对您没有准备,那么编写自定义模块将是唯一的选项。对于自定义模块,我会在实体级别工作(在实体 API模块)上工作,不是直接在SQL中。虽然Drupal没有提供实体的脚手架,但它提供了辅助功能,例如 field_attach_form()或 field_atth_insert()处理实体上的字段。不幸的是,关于如何正确使用实体的文档仍然是稀缺的。 模型模块是一种尝试在那里帮助,因为它瞄准提供模型实体和实体管理键启动您的实体开发


If there is an existing contrib module for that, that would be Relation. It works at the level of Entities. It should provide a generic API/framework that can be used for what you describe.

If Relation doesn't fit your needs or is not ready for you, then writing a custom module would be the only option. For a custom module, I would work at the Entities level (with the help of the Entity API module), not directly in SQL. While Drupal doesn't provides scaffolding for Entities, it provide helper functions such as field_attach_form() or field_attach_insert() to deal with fields on entities. Unfortunately, the documentation on how to properly use entities is still scarce. The Model module is an attempt to help there since it aims to provide a model entity and entity administration interface to kick-start your entity development.


字段集合是另一个选项。 imo它具有比框的关系更好的用户界面,特别是如果关系可以被视为定向。


Field Collection is another option. IMO it has a better user interface than Relation out of the box, especially if the relationships can be considered directional.





A good module is the Dynamic properties module which does exactly what you want. There is a demo.

Maybe you would like to check the Entity Construction Kit (ECK), which helps you to develop entities, and maybe rules and relation integration for multiple values field collection.



nodeReference模块(在CCK捆绑包中打包)是 not 一个通用关系模块。它可以用于描述所描述的是:定义了用于从另一个引用一个节点的字段类型。 有一些创造力,可以滥用这一点以创建通用n:n和1:n甚至是多态关系,但这绝不是最佳;技术/性能是可用性的。


  1. 将事物与事物相关联,然后将节点节点为节点。
  2. 保持SQL和TableDefinitions为您的特定情况,过滤器和搜索最佳。
  3. 跨关系验证:如果孩子遗漏了必填字段,请勿使用父级。
  4. 原子更新和插入:如果关系x失败,请不要将其父y写入(或滚动它)
  5. 实施BusinessLogic:例如订单是不起作用的或有关联的送货地址。
  1. Drupal(6)没有ORM,Drupal 7有一个,但未被用。您将通过手头进行所有DBA互动。在"框架" 中可能无法期待需要的努力
  2. drupal没有脚手架,apis和crud-actions:您将通过手编写所有表格,页面,存储和更新处理程序。显然使用Drupal-API,但仍然通常超过2000行PHP,只是为了管理一些"物品" 及其关联。另一方面, do 具有这样的好处"免费" 。
  3. Drupal几乎没有验证助手。您将在您自己的PHP中写下所有验证。 Formapi具有基本的(但坚固的)质量分配保护,但在日期,长度[1],尺寸,等等等内容上提供了很少的验证。



As you point out, you have the option to develop your own module. In this case, that would be my advise.

Nodereference module (packaged in the CCK bundle) is not a generic relations-module. It can be used for what the description says it is: Defines a field type for referencing one node from another. With some creativity one can abuse this to create generic N:N and 1:N and even polymorphic relations, but that is never optimal; both technical/performancewise as usabilitywise.

Things you cannot do (well) with this module:

  1. Associate things to things other then nodes-to-nodes.
  2. Keep the SQL and tabledefinitions optimal for your specific cases, filters and searches.
  3. Validate across relations: If child misses a required field, don't proceed with parent.
  4. Atomic updates and inserts: If Relation X fails, don't write its parent Y (or roll it back)
  5. Implement businesslogic: e.g. An order is either unshippable OR has a shipping-address associated.

However, Writing your own solution comes with a lot of downsides, most notably:

  1. Drupal (6) has no ORM, Drupal 7 has one, but is underused. You will be doing all the DBA interaction "by hand". Required effort one might not expect in a "framework"
  2. Drupal gives no scaffolds, APIs and such for CRUD-actions: you will be writing all the forms, pages, storage- and update- handlers by hand. Obviously using Drupal-APIs, but nonetheless, often over 2000 lines of PHP just to manage some "items" and their associations. Nodes on the other hand, do come with such benefits "for free".
  3. Drupal has little or no validation-helpers. You will be writing all your validations in your own PHP. The FormAPI comes with basic (but solid) mass-assignment-protection, but offers little validations on things like dates, lengths[1], sizes, ranges etceteras.

[1] As such, many contributed modules (and even core) have quite often bugs where the input allows a lot longer texts or numbers then the database can store according to its schema: simply because developers did not write validators for them.



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